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For a healthy cruise or river trip

Hand disinfection goes without saying on a cruise.

Steripower. Disinfection perfection.

Steripower is the manufacturer of the first touchless hand disinfection device. The aim of the 2003 founded family business is to decisively improve hygiene in all areas of life. We have been supplying the international cruise industry on rivers and seas for more than 10 years.

The Steripower offering includes a wide range of products for all areas back and front of house on all cruise ships.

Our newest innovation is our Steripower® Luggage Sanitizer. The Luggage Sanitizer can disinfect entire pallets and up to 1,200 pieces of luggage per hour directly in the Terminal before they go on board. The machine is approved by TÜV Süd for the US- market.

Within a very short time, our new innovation won the Seatrade Cruise Award 2021 in the category of

‘Hygiene Product of the Year’

You are welcome to send an enquiry for your cruise and river cruise ships to  or 08151 555 15 27.
Mr. Ahrens and the Cruise Team will be happy to assist you at any time.

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