Steripower GmbH & Co. KG 

was founded in 2003 and is the manufacturer of the first touchless hand disinfection device. Our corporate goal is to decisively improve hygiene in all areas of life. Hand hygiene in connection with Steripower devices is becoming more and more common in public areas, e.g. in companies, on cruise ships, in supermarkets, at large events or in public WC facilities.

But our products are also increasingly being used in guest areas in more and more hotels and catering establishments to give guests the feeling of being safe (hygiene), whether in the entrance area, in the spa area or after leaving the WC rooms.

The Steripower family now includes a wide range of products for use in the various fields. Whether mobile or permanent fixtures, compact or for large containers, customised based on your corporate design or standard. The devices are popular because of their high quality, reliability and the simple, fast and thus safe application. Because at least since swine flu, most people know how important hand hygiene is. After all, 80% of infections are transmitted via the hands.

Steripower develops and manufactures its products in Germany, so it is thoroughly Made in Germany.